Welcome to the all new Longevity Circuit web page! Here you will find everything you need to develop your Longevity Lifestyle. We invite you to browse around to see what is available.

To feed your body: We offer the finest nutritional plan and exercises on the planet today to help you lower your stress level.

To feed your mind: We provide astrological information from our newsletter, Longevity Circuit and encourage you to get involved in Astrology. We have been studying this art/science for over 35 years and find it to be a major asset to living a longevity lifestyle. Modern Astrology recognizes the psychological aspect of using personal horoscopes to identify issues needing clarity and healing, as well as identifying personal potential energies that when integrated can bring optimum living. In addition, with the use of computers and the subsequent ready access to research and statistical analysis, modern astrology focuses on predictions to help mitigate difficult periods or cycles in an individual’s life as well as to promote the use of positive energies that encourage potentiation and success. Since we are all winners, losers can’t be born, astrology aids us in actualizing our winningness.

To feed your spirit: The Art of Virginia Cornell

To feed your soul: We introduce you to Swami Saraswati Nityananda, aka Adano C. Ley, and his teachings, and meditation.

News – Virginia Cornell’s book has been published to Amazon on Kindle. Coming soon to Apple’s iBookstore!

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Cuba Slideshow (all images are unedited)

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(Now that Fidel Castro has gone, these might be a last glimpse of an old Cuba)